I specialize in post-separation Counselling for individuals because the end of a relationship can be a time of great heartache, turmoil, and soul-searching.

It is a time in a person’s life when they need support and friends and family might not be the best people to lean on as they may not be impartial.

A relationship breakdown, or break-up, means not just losing your partner, it often carries the added stress of events such as having to move home or cope with financial stress.

On top of those stressors are the strong emotions that are sure to be coming up.

There’s commonly also a loss of confidence, feelings of anger, hurt, and a general sense of losing your direction.

Despite the many challenges faced by people during and after a relationship break-up, there is help available.

My post-separation Counselling program might be a little different from services offered elsewhere – I will only work with you, not your ex.

I will be focused on helping you get back on your feet.

We will look at what went wrong, what lessons were learned, and how you might approach relationships in the future.

Reasons why you might attend Post-Separation Counselling:

  • You just need someone to talk to and some support
  • You feel like you just can’t move forward
  • You feel your emotions are controlling your life
  • You are constantly feeling down
  • You feel that your life has lost direction
  • You want to bring closure to the lost relationship
  • You want to look at what you might do better in the future

The end of a relationship can be a great time to take stock of your life.

It can be the ideal time to pause and reflect on you, work out who you are, and what makes you happy.

I can also assist you with stress-reduction techniques, as well as confidence and skill-building strategies.

As you might also be aware – I’m also happy to just sit and listen.

If you’re finding yourself at the end of a chapter in your life and you feel like you’d like some support, I hope you make an appointment and come and see me.

My consultation room is in Hurstville and I see clients from right across the southern suburbs of Sydney.

Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved and you are not alone in this new chapter that you find yourself moving into.

To book an appointment with me, simply click here.