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Three Phases of Counselling

No two counselling clients are the same, everyone comes into the process in a different place with different needs. Couples counselling is the same – each couple is in their own unique place with their […]

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Behaviour Shapes Experiences

In a frame hanging on the wall in my office are some words that seem to really help my clients. The words are ‘Behaviour affects Experiences and Experiences affect Behaviour’. What exactly does that mean? […]

Are you Forsaking All Others?

Marriage involves two people who have vowed before their God, the government, their family and friends, or simply to each other, to ‘Forsake All Others’ for the rest of their lives. But I have found […]

What you need to know about Invalidating Behaviour

There is a big difference between being listened to and being heard. Validating someone involves understanding and showing acceptance for the other person’s feelings.  When people receive validation, they feel their emotions are not only seen […]

Counselling during COVID Lockdown

The 2021 COVID Lockdown in Sydney is continuing on, that doesn’t mean though that Counselling isn’t an option. Yes, at present my Counselling sessions need to be conducted online. If this is OK with you, […]

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Counselling Articles

Sorry, it might not (just) be Communication

I have to be candid here, most of my Couples Counselling clients are wrong. You see, just about every couple that walks through my door tells me that where they’re going wrong is with their […]

Counselling Articles

Help! My partner has no emotions!

You might be surprised just how often I hear a partner say this when I begin counselling a couple. Of course, when I first meet a couple, it takes a little while to get a […]

Counselling Articles

Value of the 24 hour rule

When I am working with clients in relationship counselling I often introduce the 24 hour rule. What is the 24 hour rule? It’s a pretty simple one – my relationship counselling clients are asked to […]

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I am a Sutherland-based Holistic Counsellor who offers a person-centered and solution-focused approach.

My services include:

I believe that we are all capable of change and I hope that I might be able to assist you in achieving your goals.

Gemma Barlow
Gemma Barlow
Joel was a saving grace for our marriage. When we sat for our boat zoom session we were at breaking point.. With his help we were able to learn tips and tricks to communicate better.. and get back to our best! We cannot thank him enough!
Firstly I would like to say Thankyou to Joel for his huge efforts working with me so far on my journey. Joel is an extremely polite easy to talk to therapist with a huge working knowledge and understanding peoples issues and putting in place strategies to best help with issues within yourself and others. Joel has completely gone out of his way to help me with some deep-seeded issue I have within my self and I could not be more thankful. He has brought things to the surface that I did not even notice. Has and will continue to show me what I need to do to have myself mentally strong and independent. I would highly reccomend Joel to anyone really needing some good support. 👍
Benjamin K
Benjamin K
My partner & I failed to understand & respect one another with four previous counsellors. Joel is an exceptional counsellor & is the guiding influence that saved our relationship.
Stephanie Collins
Stephanie Collins
Joel is brilliant. So easy to talk to and so down to earth. Has helped me so much. Would 100% recommend, visiting Joel is like having a catch up with a very reliable friend 👍
Dilja Kacinari
Dilja Kacinari
I've been to 4 appointments so far and definitely plan on continuing! The environment is very relaxing and Joel makes it very comfortable opening up and discussing difficult subjects, definitely recommend!