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Update: Hurstville Office To Close

Please note that from Friday the 2nd of August 2024 we will no longer offer face-to-face counselling sessions at our Hurstville office. From then on, all my Relationship and Adult Counselling services can be accessed […]

What is Internal Validation?

I cannot underscore just how important it is to validate other people, especially those we love and care deeply about (and I hope you’re getting it in return too), but what about filling your own […]

Eating Bugs Good for Gut Health!

I might be in the minority here, maybe, but I just can’t see myself eating bugs…no matter what the possible health benefits may be! New research out of the U.S. has found however that if […]

Relationship Counselling – Don’t Delay!

As a Relationship Counsellor I can assure you that I will work passionately and diligantly to help you improve your relationship. The issue often is, however, that I’m not tasked to help improve the relationship, […]

validation man and woman example

Quick Guide to Validation

There is absolutely no doubt that if we are going to build depth in our relationship we must validate each other’s emotions (or ‘feelings’ if you prefer) and experience. Validation is what allows us to […]

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We are a Counselling service that offers a person-centred and solution-focused approach.

Our services include Relationship Counselling and Adult Counselling.

We believe we are all capable of change and we hope that we might be able to assist you in achieving your goals.

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