Eating Bugs Good for Gut Health!

I might be in the minority here, maybe, but I just can’t see myself eating bugs…no matter what the possible health benefits may be!

New research out of the U.S. has found however that if you can stomach a snack on a bug or two (like the juicy cricket photoed above) there could be some real gut health benefits for you.

As we’ve discussed before, good gut health (i.e. lots of nice healthy microbiome in your tummy) can lead to increased mental wellness.

And eating bugs could be a good way to achieve that, according to this study at least.

Colorado State University (CSU) and researchers and colleagues from the University of Wisconsin found not only were insects like crickets a good source of protein and nutrients, but they also offer healthy fats that can help gut microbiota.

“Edible insects and insect fibers may be unusual in the American diet, but they are commonplace around the globe, as insects are part of many traditional cuisines,” – University of Wisconsin’s Valerie Stull.

“They are gaining attention as an environmentally friendly source of animal protein,” Stull said.

The report says insects include a fiber component, chitin, that is not found in other animal foods, and this may provide unique benefits for the gut by encouraging healthy gut microbiota and reducing intestinal inflammation.

A previous study conducted by the same researchers showed that 25 grams of daily cricket powder was associated with an increase of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

“Initial reports suggest several benefits from including insects in the diet, but more research, especially human intervention studies, is needed,” Stull concluded.

If eating bugs isn’t really on your to-do list, another study found spices, herbs, and peanuts might also help keep your tummy in good health.

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