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Snapshot on Transactional Analysis

Effective communication is an essential tool in maintaining strong, lasting relationships. I’m sure that you agree with that opening statement, but have you ever thought about how you communicate with others? We don’t get behind […]

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The Truth about Change

Clients generally see a Counsellor because it’s some form of change that they would like to achieve. Ultimately, in most cases seeing a Counsellor is all about change, however, it’s worth remembering the rather corny […]

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We are all capable of change

We live in a world that doesn’t stay the same, everything around us is in a constant stage of change. But are you changing in this world of change? Many people seem to struggle with […]

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What is a Counsellor?

Seeing a Counsellor can be scary, Australians, especially men, traditionally don’t often learn the skill of being vulnerable. I think one of the main reasons why people are anxious about seeing a Counsellor is that […]

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Zero is a great place to start

I’ve been there, you might have too, or you might be there right now. Where? The bottom rung of the ladder. For me, although I’ve been close to that really low spot in human experience […]

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Emotional Dependency and how to overcome it

Javier Fiz PĂ©rez described emotional dependency as being a personality disorder in which a person with low self-worth is constantly seeking security in other people without trusting in his or her own interior criteria and […]

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How can counselling help me?

I must admit, back before I went to counselling I really didn’t know too much about it and what to expect. It was certainly a bit scary too, after all, I’m an Australian male so […]