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Counselling during COVID Lockdown

The 2021 COVID Lockdown in Sydney is continuing on, that doesn’t mean though that Counselling isn’t an option. Yes, at present my Counselling sessions need to be conducted online. If this is OK with you, […]

Counselling Articles

Value of the 24 hour rule

When I am working with clients in relationship counselling I often introduce the 24 hour rule. What is the 24 hour rule? It’s a pretty simple one – my relationship counselling clients are asked to […]

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Counselling Articles

Tit for Tat cycle can be broken

One psychological theory that has been proven time and again is the Tit for Tat game theory. What is the Tit for Tat theory? This is where, in a two-person game, when a player works […]

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The Value of Appreciation

In what is considered a high-speed world, how often do you stop to really appreciate what you have? Do you regularly stop and smell the roses? Take a moment to pause and think about how […]

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What Might Happen For You In Counselling

It’s not uncommon for people to be battling fatigue, stress, or have a clouded or unhappy mind. Unfortunately, modern life for many people just isn’t conducive to happiness. Maybe you’ve found yourself feeling lately that […]

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My Own Counselling Journey

There comes a time in many lives when you reach a point where change is needed. But do you have the strength to be vulnerable?  It’s a real sign of strength to say that what […]