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What is Internal Validation?

I cannot underscore just how important it is to validate other people, especially those we love and care deeply about (and I hope you’re getting it in return too), but what about filling your own […]

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Must-See Validation Videos

There are many, many benefits to having a thorough understanding of Validation, however, some people do struggle to get a handle on it. Of course, there are two types of validation – External Validation and […]

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Validation is not Agreement

Sometimes my counselling clients, especially in relationship counselling sessions, get confused about what validation is, and what it isn’t. Often, the belief is that if the person validates the way the other person is feeling, […]

it's ok not to be ok
Counselling Articles

The Power of Validation

I’ve worked with hundreds of couples from all walks of life, naturally, they come to me for relationship counselling because things aren’t going as well as they would like. In pretty much all of these […]