Must-See Validation Videos


There are many, many benefits to having a thorough understanding of Validation, however, some people do struggle to get a handle on it.

Of course, there are two types of validation – External Validation and Internal Validation, and this also tends to sometimes confuse people a little more.

If you’re struggling to get a good understanding of the concept, or just want to expand your knowledge of validation, these videos, of varying lengths, are well worth watching.

If you’re willing to give a little bit of time and watch them, I am confident that you will have a really good handle not only on what validation is, but the benefits of it as well.

We will start with the most in-depth dive into the subject of validation with a video of a speech given by Alan E. Fruzzetti, Ph.D.

Alan is a professor of psychology and director of the dialectical behavior therapy and research program at the University of Nevada.

In this video, he goes through key and core aspects such as validating and invalidating responses, as well as the well-documented short and long-term effects of invalidation.

Our next validation video is a lot shorter in length and comes from a slightly unusual place – the animated Hollywood movie, Inside Out.

This is a wonderful example of validation, not only how to do it, but how effective it can be when we don’t discount other people’s feelings, or try to talk them out of their emotions.

Our third video is one that often really helps my relationship counselling clients get a good handle on what they may need, and what they may be doing wrong in similar circumstances.

The video is called ‘It’s Not About The Nail’, enjoy.

Did that one resonate with you? Did it feel familiar? I hope it has helped you get a clearer understanding of the pitfalls of trying to problem-solve, rather than validate.

Our last video is a personal favourite of mine. I don’t work in this space, but I am enthralled by the work of Naomi Feil and the remarkable results that come from using validation with people suffering from age-related conditions such as Dementia.

You may feel this video isn’t really relevant to you, however, Naomi has proven how using a simple validation technique can significantly help people in a moment of difficulty.

If it works in this setting, it will work anywhere.

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