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Being a parent is not only physically exhausting, but the emotional challenges that come with raising little ones can be just as taxing.

Those of us who are trying to do our best to raise (hopefully) confident, bright, happy, and empathetic humans are always questioning whether what we’re doing is the best possible strategy for the given situation.

Many parents have a good idea of what doesn’t necessarily work (or maybe didn’t really work for them) from their own parents, but of course, that doesn’t always mean strategy A won’t work for their kids.

Sometimes we overcompensate with our own kids if those strategies or experiences shown to us by our parents didn’t really fit our own needs.

Then, and I’m sure many parents would be able to relate to this – what if you have children who have quite different personalities and respond to different techniques in completely different ways?

No wonder it’s often called the most difficult thing you can do!

I thought I would share this video from Circle of Security that might help you at least get the basics (hopefully) right:

Circle of Security Animation from Circle of Security International on Vimeo.

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