Where are you sitting on Maslow’s Pyramid?

maslow pyramid

Strange post title I know, however, the Maslow Pyramid (officially known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) is a handy tool that you can use to assess where you’re at in life.

Once again, I believe that people are generally quite visual, what I mean by that is that people generally are more likely to take things in and really comprehend things if they not only hear about it but see it as well.

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Another handy tool that can help you get a good understanding of how things are going in your life is the Maslow Pyramid.

Developed back in the 1940s by psychologist Abraham Maslow, the pyramid is a little bit like the food pyramid that used to feature in just about every classroom in the world!

Do you remember it? I’m sure you do. It had things like basic food types that you need at the bottom and then in the smaller area at the top was the ice cream, cake, lollies, etc. (the fact that it was a visual learning tool probably helped you retain it…whereas if the food pyramid was explained to you by a teacher it might not have got glued into your brain).

The Maslow Pyramid, however, looks at more than just your food intake, it looks at whether your needs, rising from basic physiological requirements such as air and water, right through to the areas of personal development and achievements, are being met, fulfilled and realised.

Here’s a little insider tip, chances are any counsellor or psychotherapist that you see will most likely be referring to the Maslow Pyramid, or something very similar when assessing the issues in your life that you/they may think you might need some assistance with.

maslow hierachy of needsSo why not have a think about this yourself? Perhaps even print it out and tick off the areas where you’re currently satisfied/fulfilled (start at the bottom and work your way up).

Then maybe underline the areas where you think there could be some room for improvement.

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