Thoughts for Surviving Tough Times

plowed field

Into every life, a little rain must fall. That’s a pretty accurate statement, isn’t it? Life does throw up challenges, disappointments and difficult times, no matter how much you might try to avoid them.

It’s how we respond to these challenges that makes all the difference.

There are some pretty good quotes and philosophies that come to mind about beating the hard times and coming through the other side, including: ‘When going through hell, just keep going!’ and ‘It’s always darkest before the dawn’.

I like to think that life is somewhat like a field on a farm (bare with me, I am a city slicker) in that there are times when the entire field is bursting with colour and vibrant life (giant sunflowers come to mind to me).

The crop is healthy, soaking up the sun and with just the right amount of moisture in the ground to encourage the sunflower plants to seemingly reach for the sky.

But then it gets cold, the days get shorter and the tractor comes along and the sunflowers are gone (for now).

Not only that, but the field is also then churned up, the dirt turned upside down and everything is flattened out.

Just when you think that is bad enough, along comes the farmer with bags of manure!

What’s left is a smelly, barren and cold wasteland that is seemingly devoid of life, is colourless and is truly a stark contrast to the beauty that once stood proudly upon it.

But, the wheel turns (as it always does). The season changes, the rain comes, then the warm glow of the sun, and before too long those little seeds (sowed into the soil and manure by the farmer) start to shoot upwards.

It takes a little time for the sunflowers to reach their full height and colourful splendour but they do, and when they do, the dark, cold and barren times become just a memory.

I hope this helps if you’re in a situation where your emotional field is barren and cold, however, there is help all around – find people and pursuits that provide the seeds, the sunlight and the fertilizer to help you blossom (metaphorically speaking).

And always remember that it’s the twists and turns of the roller coaster that makes the ride enjoyable (yes, another metaphor!).

Photographer: James MacDonald/Bloomberg

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