We are all capable of change

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We live in a world that doesn’t stay the same, everything around us is in a constant stage of change. But are you changing in this world of change?

Many people seem to struggle with change, they believe (or perhaps they aren’t even aware that they believe) that they are what they are.

They are who they are.

They can see that they were once a baby, they changed into a child, a teen, and then an adult.

Now, after all that change, they are just a fixed adult, the finished product…”I am what I am”.

What I’ve found in my own life is that since I began the process of change (or perhaps it was my world that changed first), of being in a less fixed state, the more I’ve changed, the more ‘me’ I’ve become.

I feel now, in my early 40’s that I’m much more in sync with my true nature, with the little person that I once was.

The more I change the more I seem to become my true self.

If you feel weighed down by both internal and external phenomena and circumstances, you might just need some help to get back on track.

Naturally, by definition, that means making change.

Lost perhaps, a clouded mind, exhausted…these all could be signs that your body, mind, and soul are trying to change.

Often, people know that they want to change, but they aren’t sure what really needs to change so they change what might seem to be changeable – jobs, cars, move to a new home or get a new hairstyle.

All of those things really only bring an illusion of change.

Often, it is real change that is what your inner self is crying out for.

Are you still not sure that you can change? Stuck in the mindset that what you are today is the final product?

Well, please ponder the life of John Newton.

An Englishman born in 1725, Newton served in the Royal Navy and became an officer on a slave ship.

On one voyage he tried to stage a mutiny and was flogged.

On another slave-trade voyage, he had a falling out with his naval colleagues and they deserted him in West Africa where he himself became a slave himself to a local princess.

The princess abused and mistreated Newton over three grueling years.

Eventually, he was rescued and on his return voyage to England, the ship encountered a severe storm where Newton believed he was about to die and had a spiritual conversion.

He survived and from that point on he avoided profanity, gambling, and drinking.

But that isn’t the end of the story.

Despite his newfound beliefs and his own experiences as a slave, Newton returned to the slave business and even captained slave ships.

Much later in life, he realized that he was wrong to be involved in the trade of Humans and became a passionate Abolitionist, saying…

“It will always be a subject of humiliating reflection to me, that I was once an active instrument in a business at which my heart now shudder.”

Newton is now best remembered as the former slaver who wrote an enduring message of forgiveness and redemption – Amazing Grace.

If you would like to look at ways of making change in your life there is help at hand. Seeing a Counsellor can be the first step towards a new outlook and a fresh chapter for you.

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I offer a person-centered and solutions-focused approach to my work as a Relationship and Adult Counsellor. I utilize skills from a number of modalities. I believe that we are all capable of change and I hope that I might be able to assist you in achieving this.